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A look into the future of glass architecture

There is no other building material that comes close to glass in terms of versatility and aesthetic appeal. The juxtaposition between its apparent fragility and incredible strength, its ability to shield but also provide clear views, has earned it a prominent place in unfathomable numbers of architects’ plans. It is one of the oldest and most respected types of building material on the planet, having been around in one form or another since...

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Glass Facade

The changing face of facade design

In the world of architecture, one thing is certain – facade design is changing. With a drive towards glass facades, curtain walling and rain-screen cladding technologies, “more window, less wall” is fast becoming a well-used phrase by designers. The days of new buildings being clad with traditional brick and render or stone facades are now becoming few and far between as a result of materials and architectural preferences evolving....

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